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It was two years ago in May. I was one week away from finals in my junior year of high school. I was sitting and waiting for my girlfriend Mia. We always met at Starbucks at the same time every morning on our way to school. It was just our way of starting out each day by getting to spend a little bit of time with each other. Mia is always late. If we ever get married, I know she will be late for the ceremony. I think girls are just programmed this way. I never dated a girl who ever showed up at the agreed-upon time. Just as I stood to stretch my aching morning muscles, my cell phone vibrated in my pocket.

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John G. 2/21/2010 Men’s Health Reading: 4 Rules That Intrigued Me

In the on-line reading for this blog, I actually found all the “rules” to be informative, or the very least, entertaining, like rules 9, 3, and 4 (which I thought was a little obvious in todays culture). 

But, I found rule 1 interesting because, growing up in Northern Indiana, I always heard about what a guywas able to talk a girl into trying, not the other way around. It was implied that for any guy to get a girl to try something new in bed, he had to beg, plead, cajole, blackmail, barter, and/or try the “Oops! I didn’t mean to do that!" ploy, and was to be congratulated for overcoming such a "hard" obstacle. Hearing that women were actually more… courageous (it’s the best word I can come up with an appropriate definition) in experimenting in bed, it made me cock my head to the side and think "Huh? Really?"

As for rule 7, I hadn’t thought that masturbation could help in pregnancy except with in vitro fertilization or similar processes. The idea that “jacking off” helps clear the “bad” or damaged sperm from a man’s testes was a new piece of information. What actually has me wondering, though, is if only after one week the percentage of damaged dropped 8%, what would happen if the study had continued to see what happened after 2 weeks? Or a month? Would the percentage of damaged sperm continue to drop? Or would a guy become de-sensetized down there and be unresponsive? I think a study should be conducted to test all that.

And as far as rule 10 goes, I can completely understand the logic of it all. The “booty-call” can’t really be called a one-night-stand, specifically because of what makes a one-night-stand a one-night-stand. And you can’t really call it a relationship or that you’re dating that person; not when you’re only fucking them! Plus, as it says in the article, the booty-call is the perfect balance between the two. Not only that, but I think every college student could understand the reasoning for having one. Especially if you all you need is to get laid real quick! Makes me wish that I had someone for a booty-call; oh, wait, I do! (picks up phone and calls)

Well, while I wait for him to arrive, let go back real quick to rule #2. Now I realize that in the grand scheme of things, I’m pretty vanilla in my sexual experience, but the best sex (vanilla to the extreme for some people) I’ve ever had was when he and I were completely open and honest and there! Now, considering that I haven’t slept with that many people, but that each time, we always took the extra effort needed to communicate during it, I always assumed that people did this naturally and without prompting! Even the one time I had some bad sex, it wasn’t horrifyingly bad (just awkward) because we still talked; we told each what felt good, what didn’t, what not to do, what to do, and even what to absolutely never to do. I guess, what really got to me about this “rule” was that it’s supposedly “new.” I always thought that if you can’t take the time to talk to the person you’re sleeping with, about whether or not you are doing a good job of pleasing him or her, you shouldn’t be having sex; but I guess that’s just me.

John G. 2/7/2010 “Which theories would I use to study sexuality.”

There were a couple different theories in Ch.2 that I honestly felt were to detached for real-world applications; namely the Biological, Evolutionary, and Psychoanalytic theories. The idea that our sexuality or our sexual needs are based solely upon our genetics, evolution, or just our early childhood experiences.

But I think I’d be better to use the Social Learning theory or the Sociological theory, primarily because these theories take into account external and internal influences. Since people are influenced by both, it would make sense that a theory would take them into account.

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